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Dast Ka Ziche [Oct. 15th, 2005|10:03 am]
[mood |intimidatedI`M BROKE NIGGA I`M BROKE]
[music |Skinny Puppy - Pro-test. (ironicaly the schools protesting)]

Bla! Chanceys new account, yay, one more friend haha. I need to finish portfolio and well, erm, other portfolio. i gotta write more, he wants to publish it, so best be doing some. Chancey overcomes the war against curiosity about shrooms! yayayaayayayayaaaaaay! im so effing proud of her. She asked if she could use me as her excuse of why not, i said go for it. Any thing for her. Shes been down lately, so i want to do something a wee-bit special for her. But i donts know whats. Were going to buy some books today, i`ll get seom money for em. then we gotta help Joe-ANNE, bleh, move. goddamn, shes got her own kids to help her haha, not he boyfriends minions. I hate it how her dad always changes things, and then we she and her sister say otherwise, he gets all defensive. Hell, i`m there when he first says it, i whitness it ahah, and then he changes it. oh well, life goes on, and we will paint those walls, not the cealing, walls i tell you. And i`m getting them a goddamn phone for the computer. they need it!! haha. her dad buys a new phone, and puts it 3 seconds aways from the previouse, right in his room, so yay, we still get to use ol` rusty, the cancer patient phone. haha. this is fun. Chancey deserves soem cake, you know that? i`m gonna get her soem cake or something. I know!!!! i`m gonna bake a cake for Chancey! you bet i am. errrrrmmm, perhaps chocolate or angel food cake? i dont even realy need and excuse to make it besides "Cheer-the-fuck-up you!!!" in big bold letters with frosting hahaha. its settled, a cake. AAAHHHH!!! noooo. i declared war on russia and england... totoaly killing my source of saltpeter. bleh.. fuck it... nuke time some more....hope Chancey gets better, she gets free piggy backs and hug and kisses for awile ;-)