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Finaly... [Nov. 29th, 2005|09:57 pm]
[mood |happyVery happy]

Miles to go before I sleep...
Miles to go before I sleep...

One of my favorite poems.

Now I can finaly sleep.

My marks are up.
My lover is happy.

My parents respect is earned.

My own respect is earned.

I`m having fun.

Her, the most important aspect of my life... respects me.

I`ve proved I`m worthy to my earth.

I`m with the most wonderful person on earth.
Her name is Chancey.
And unlike the other girls...
She chooses not to drink or smoke or do stupid drugs...
She`s actualy the only one I`ve met who does not.

And it makes me happy.

I can finaly sleep...

My life finaly has meaning...

I`m finaly finding....

... Thomas Taylor.

And all of this.... Is all because...

Of a beautiful girl I met...

Who changed my life forever.

And I deeply thank her with my most profound gratitude.