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hoooolayy [Jul. 4th, 2006|01:49 pm]
[mood |lonelyhha miss Chancey]

my god, it was fun but hard. yesturday night i hung out with eric ran into him when i was thinking of renting a movie. so i went with him and travis to travis`s house. so yah.... they got baked and kept trying o get me to take hoots. over and over it was "c`mon man just take one hoot, nobody will have to know ok? " and shit like "Chancey did, so you can once right?" I DONT FRIGGIN WANNA! jeeeeze. but, as hard as it was, i lasted. i think i was testing myself, because i wanted them to smoke, i even offered to buy them another joint. i think inside i just wanted to put it there, watch them do i, even have them offer, but still refuse, i think i was just seeing what i was made of. and i made it!! hahah i had chanceys hoody on so i put it in the laundry room. haha there like "haha dont wanna get caught?" haha, i actualy admittedi just liked her smell when shes not around hahaha. i fucked up at work realy bad.... they had to throw out like 50 bucks worth of spinach because i idnt put it in the fridge... i didnt know ehehe. but luckely it was chris how found it.. not thomas, thomas would have been an ass. ive grown to hate him... hes just a jerk on a power trip. nodoby likes him and hes been fired once before from our store... fuckin union. haah!! i got a security system started at super value!! hahha im now head of security!!!

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